Providing exceptional customer experience (CX) is at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to ensure that every customer who interacts with Alberta Blue Cross® walks away feeling heard, cared for and empowered. With thousands of calls, emails and social media comments to handle every day, our team members know the importance of putting our customers’ needs first and creating outstanding CX moments—and we want to reward that behaviour.

Alberta Blue Cross® is proud to recognize our CX leaders through the CX Awards, a new program designed to reward our team members who deliver the best customer experiences. Congratulations to Brinda Patel, Jil Tanguay, Nancy Wilson, Nzanzu Kasinyabo, Samantha Britton and one of our Privacy employees—the six winners of our inaugural CX Awards!

To honour each team member’s outstanding commitment to customer care, CEO Mark Komlenic hosted a special event to celebrate their stories and present each winner with a personalized CX Award and $500 to donate to a charitable organization of their choice—a gesture that was noted by our winners as being the best part of the program.

We reviewed hundreds of customer testimonials to choose our first CX Award winners, but these six stood out above the rest. Here’s why.

Brinda Patel: after a customer’s husband was laid off due to COVID-19, Brinda helped her find the right plan that would provide adequate benefits for the customer, her husband and their seventeen-year-old grandson with special needs.

Jil Tanguay: worked with a client whose employee had inadvertently committed benefits fraud. In addition to educating the employee on proper claim submission, Jil helped the client update their onboarding process so this mistake wouldn’t happen again.

Nancy Wilson: not only is Nancy lauded by multiple customers for her exceptional relationship building skills, but she was integral to her department’s review and overhaul of their current reporting structure and customer experience practices. 

Nzanzu Kasinyabo: spent multiple phone calls helping a customer download our app and troubleshoot any issues she was having. We later learned that this customer was at the end of her life and trying to wrap up her final medical claims while dealing with short-term memory loss.

Samantha Britton: on top of the dozens of glowing reviews she’s received from her clients, Samantha coordinated a major group onboarding project that went off without a hitch, leading to one of our best customer experience testimonials in recent history.

Our Privacy employee: worked tirelessly with a customer to ensure that she was reimbursed for the multiple claims she’d paid on behalf of her estranged husband and that the husband was removed from her plan going forward.

We’re proud to recognize these six remarkable individuals for their incredible care and dedication they’ve shown towards our customers. However, if you were to ask any of them, they’d tell you their actions weren’t anything out of the ordinary—just part of the job. But ordinary actions can become extraordinary customer experiences when they’re accompanied by the integrity, kindness and respect that our team members demonstrate every day.