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Alberta Blue Cross® shares at-home wellness breaks to keep spirits up

By September 4, 2020September 26th, 2023No Comments

Bringing wellness home to all Albertans.

Alberta Blue Cross® is making fitness easier by sharing easy exercise videos and tips on its social media platforms for Albertans to access from the comfort of their homes.

Prior to COVID-19, Alberta Blue Cross® employees were encouraged to take 15-minute wellness breaks on-site led by workplace wellness specialist Terry Skidnuk, as part of its commitment to promoting the wellness of its own employees. With the majority of employees shifted to working from home during the pandemic, the breaks have been made digitally available and accessible to all Albertans.

Why wellness

A fundamental part of Alberta Blue Cross®’s Blue For Life® vision is an expanded focus on wellness—to support Albertans at both an individual and community level to not only be healthy but live well.

From yoga and meditation to core and strength workouts, Terry as well as other trained fitness instructors at Alberta Blue Cross® have been creating at-home workout videos not only for employees but for all Albertans to use from the comfort of their living rooms. Shared via the Alberta Blue Cross® Instagram and IGTV account, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these videos range from second-long exercise snacks to 45-minute workout sessions. What started as a way to continue these breaks for employees became a broader effort to get everyone watching moving—all in the name of wellness.

And that’s just the beginning. As work-from-home life continues for the foreseeable future, its safe to say this movement series has become just that—a movement committed to wellness at home.

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