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Alberta Blue Cross® addresses impact of smart phone use on mental health of young adults

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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a sharp rise in mental health concerns, particularly as individuals deal with feelings of isolation and loneliness. As we see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, reconnecting face-to-face is a critical component of enhancing our mental health.

That’s why Alberta Blue Cross® is raising awareness of the impact of smart phone use on young adults’ mental health and feelings of social connection through a multi-channel social marketing campaign.

A recent survey by the Alberta Medical Association found that a majority of health care patients in Alberta are reporting their own mental and physical health has suffered over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. The same study also reported that almost one-half (47 per cent) say they are having difficulties coping with social isolation as both the reason and symptoms for deteriorating mental health.

Alberta Blue Cross®’s new campaign addresses the impact that technology has on meaningful relationships and feelings of personal connection. While recognizing people rely on technology now more than ever to stay connected to loved ones, it is important to stay present during social interactions by temporarily putting phones down. This campaign aims to increase awareness on the increasing health concerns arising from social isolation—particularly in young adults.

On the campaign website, feelingsoverphones.ca, Alberta Blue Cross® highlights fun and interactive ways to self-assess if smart phone use is impacting meaningful relationships and provides additional resources for those individuals looking for mental health supports.

About Alberta Blue Cross®

As an Alberta-based, not-for-profit organization, Alberta Blue Cross® covers more than 1.8 million Albertans and has a unique focus on supporting the health and wellness of Albertans. Alberta Blue Cross® has been ranked as one of Alberta’s Top 10 Most Loved Brands, as well as one of Alberta’s Top 25 Most Respected Organizations.

Media contact: For more information, please contact Sharmin Hislop, director of Corporate Communications, Alberta Blue Cross® at 780-498-8283 or shislop@ab.bluecross.ca.

Source: albertapatients Media Release August 2021

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