The makeover is complete! We’ve enhanced both the member app and site to give you an improved experience. From signing in to submitting claims to finding information important to you—all of it is easier with our enhanced member site and app. You’ll see the updates on whatever device you access your benefits on, whether it’s your phone, tablet or computer.

Take a look at what’s new.

Fingerprint and facial recognition sign in

You can now use fingerprint or facial recognition to sign in to the app. Install the new version of the member app and you’ll be given the option to set it up. One less password to keep top-of-mind.

ID cards where you need them

You now have easy access to your ID card. It’s the first thing you’ll see when you sign in to the site and the app.

Find what you’re looking for

We updated the look and redesigned the app and member site menu with one goal in mind: to help you find what you’re looking for fast. We know that our customers are busy, so getting your claim submitted or checking how much coverage you have left for a certain benefit are tasks you want to get out of the way, not ones you want to spend time on. The intuitive design leads you where you want to go.

Even though the site looks different, you can still do and access all the things you were able to before. Our online wellness platform, Balance®, is still here to help you make meaningful health and wellness decisions. Our health benefit lookup tool is still here to help you find out what’s covered and what’s not. Your documents and tax receipts are still accessible and much more. See why using the member site and app can help you save time and save money.

Check out the new site and app now

Sign in or register at or download the member app from the App Store or Google play.