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Fighting against poverty with the United Way

By December 30, 2020September 26th, 2023No Comments

Our employees came together to support the community in a big way

At Alberta Blue Cross®, we support the community in many ways, but a key employee-led initiative is our annual United Way fundraising campaign. Led by an employee committee and driven by employee donations, we come together as an organization to help the United Way as they fight against poverty. This year, we knew that it was more important than ever to have a successful campaign because vulnerable populations have been hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic. Across Alberta many people could not afford to adequately prepare for how COVID-19 is affecting their family. Those who already face barriers—things like poverty, food insecurity and social isolation—need even more help during this time.

In these tough economic times, we weren’t sure how much we would be able to raise. But, our employees stepped up to the challenge and raised our highest donation total in 29 years. Surpassing even last year’s total, we raised more than $122,750! We are so proud of our team for committing to this cause, even during a pandemic that is challenging many financially.

We’re honoured to be supporting the United Way, especially through COVID-19. The United Way responded to the emerging needs of the pandemic rapidly by partnering with front-line agencies, local municipalities and others to uncover the greatest needs and organize to achieve the greatest impact. They are focused on supporting basic needs, helping isolated seniors, enabling mental health supports and empowering community partners to continue their work. The United Way is creating “local love in a global crisis” by working together to make the biggest impact.

“Supporting the United Way is just one way, but a big way, that we as team members live our best lives. Through the campaign, we were able to play a role in supporting families to fight against poverty and to pursue better lives. Even in this economically challenging year, our team members’ passion, engagement and empathy helped us raise record donations. Thank you to our committee members, ambassadors and every employee!”

Hoa Quach, chief audit executive and executive sponsor of our United Way campaign